Santa Claus Makes His Appearance!

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Santa Clause made his appearance last night! Thank you Derrick Willis! A good time was had by all.

Here are a few highlights:




This year, Santa Claus is scheduled to arrive on FRIDAY, 12/23/, at 6:30pm! Don’t miss it!

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Santa Arrives, in  previous years:


Santa was a big hit, as always! Special thanks to Carl Spangen, our Santa Carl, and to our great DJ, Tim Duchene!


Santa Carl, our own Carl Spangen!


DJ Tim Duchene

Best Dance Party of the Year!

Here’s a collection of photo’s from the Disco Santa Dance Party:

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Disco Santa makes his debut at the King Eider Curbside Forest on Saturday, 12/20, at 7pm! Don’t miss it! This is a big hit with the kids!


Here are the highlights from last year:


Santa was a big hit, once again! Special thanks to Tim Duchene, our great Santa, and the “Zeindeer” who passed handed out cookies and apple cider to our visitors. Check out the slide show below!


Harley Claus (aka Tim Duchene)


And his Zeindeer!

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Santa Claus rides into town on his Harley on Friday, December 20th, at 7pm! This is a big hit with the kids, and a great photo op for the family! We hope to see you then! 7pm – 9pm.

Highlights from 2012

Santa Claus was a big hit, as he always is! Special thanks to our Santas, Tim Duchene and Vince Papaleo. Thank you, everyone, for showing up! We all had a good time!

Here’s a collection of photos:

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    Tara Says:

    That was so much fun that night

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