Donation Update



Here’s our first pick-up of the season from South County Outreach! 5 very full barrels, plus a $200 check from one  of our generous neighbors!




Special thanks to Mission Viejo High School! What  a nice donation!

Here’s a slide show from the weekend:

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3 barrels, and counting!



We’re off to a good start — 2 barrels and counting!

Here are highlights from previous years:


Summary: We received 18 barrels of food, and almost $300! Thank you, Everyone, for your generous donations!


Special thanks to Carrie Campbell and the great people at Staco Systems! They delivered 3 full barrels of food!  We’re up to 11 barrels!


Here’s our first pick-up from South County Outreach! 6 barrels, and counting! Thanks Everyone!



We’re off to a good start, despite the rain! We’ve collected 2 full barrels of food, and counting! Thank you, everyone, for your generous donations!

 DonorsHere’s a couple of donors from Sunday night!

Here’s our summary from last year:


Final Update: 2 more completely filled barrels for a total of 24.5! Plus $42!

That’s a GREAT YEAR! Thank you Everyone! Happy New Year!

Thank you neighbors on King Eider Lane for making large donations of food in the week after Christmas, as usual, and for supporting the effort!

Special thanks to the people who reported that they make food contributions every year, and to the great people who donated a fantastic collection of toys and children’s clothing!


Here’s our final pick-up from South County Outreach!


Here’s our last delivery to the Crossline Food Pantry.

(Located at Crossline Church, near Ridge Route and Moulton Parkway).


Tonight we received a HUGE donation of clothes for infants/toddlers, and a great collection of toys! Thank you very much! Another 1/4 barrel of food as well!  Call it two barrels total.

Update: 22.5 barrels

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! Thank you!


Merry Christmas, Everyone! Another barrel and a half came in since Monday! Thank you!

20.5 barrels, and counting!

The barrels will remain out until January 1st!


Two more barrels, plus several bags filled with children’s toys! Thank you!


Thanks, Joanna! She made a run to the 99-cent Store,

and came back with several bags of groceries! That’s awesome!


Three more barrels of food, plus $5! That makes 18 barrrels, and counting! Special thanks to the Christmas Carolers who strolled down King Eider Lane, and to Carl and Maria Spangenberg for hosting the hospitality table!

Photo highlights:

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Two and  half more barrels on Saturday night, plus $12!  Thank you Everyone!

Joni Cunningham brought great homemade cookies! Delicious!

Here are a few photos:

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We’re up to 12 1/2 barrels! Thanks Everyone!



There goes our second pick-up!


Special thanks to Carrie Campbell and the great people at Staco Systems! Three and a half barrels of food! Awesome!


KatrinaThanks, Katrina! We wish you lived on our block, too!

After a slow start, we’re up to 10 barrels and counting! Thank you, Everyone, for your generous donations!


Three barrels and counting! Thank you everyone for you generous donations! Due to the late Thanksgiving, we have a short season this year, and food banks reports a sharp increase in  the number of people looking for a little help. The economy is not improving for the working poor! Thanks for doing what you can! Happy Holidays!


We are back in business! Despite the cold weather, we received $45 in donations, and three bags of food,  with many visitors promising to return with food donations in the days ahead! Thanks everyone! Let’s make 2013 a great Christmas!

Last Year: 1/9/2013

Here’s our final pick up — two stuffed barrels of food,  with three 52-lb bags of dog food, two 14-lb bags of cat food and a full case fo toilet paper!

Final results: 26 barrels of food, $2,240 in cash contibutions, plus a large donation of pet food! Thank you, Everyone, for your generous support!

last pick_up

Last pick-up, January 8, 2013


6 more barrels of food, picked up 1/3/13.

6 more barrels of food, picked up 1/3/13.

We’re up to 23 1/3 barrels! The last chance to make a donation is tomorrow — Saturday, the 5th! Thank you, Everyone, for making our Food Drive a big success!  Our final accounting will be posted tomorrow.  We traditionally include 1 barrel of pet food in the last pick-up, which SCO appreciates! If you love your pets, and are so inclined, please make a donation of pet food.

Sorry to report that our beautiful King Eider Curbside Forest banner was vandalized, along with our Food Drive sign. Someone painted vulgar words in black paint, ruining our banner. We can repaint the Food Drive sign.


We  forgive you! Spend a weekend at South County Outreach, as volunteers, and we’ll call it even!  Some day,  you might experience hard times. If you do, South County Outreach might keep you and your family from going hungry. There but for the grace of God go all of us! If you are fortunate, and never face truly hard times, maybe you can count your blessings, and support SCO as an expression of gratitude. God bless you!


We’re up to 21 barrels, and counting! Thank you, Everyone, for your generous donations! The collection barrel will be out until Friday, January 4th.

Here’s a collection of photos from Sunday night, the 23rd:

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Santa Claus was a big hit! We handed out more than 100 teddy bears on Friday and Saturday night, bringing  joy to many. A reporter from the Orange County Register, Isaac Arjonilla, stopped by, which was fun! We’re now at 18 barrels,  and counting,  with nearly $2,300 in cash donations. Thank you, everyone!

The food collection barrels will remain in place until after New Year’s Day.

Check out the Santa Clause Rides Into Town page!

There goes 7 barrels of food, and 2 checks!

There goes 7 barrels of food, and 2 checks!


It”s been a great week for the Forest!

First, we received a $2,000 donation from a generous neighbor! Thank you very much! South County Outreach is ecstatic!

We were visited by The Willows,  a retirement community in Laguna Hills, with 2 bus-loads of visitors! They filled an entire barrel, and left a check! Thank you!

Next, Merit Property Management awarded the Forest the “Neighborhood Spirit Award”, which was accompanied by $50 worth of groceries — another full barrel! Thank you, Merit Property Management!

As of this morning, we have 17 barrels, and counting, and $2,217 !!!

Santa Claus rides  into town tonight! Hope to see you there!



Five barrels, and $32 — and counting! Sunday night we enjoyed a visit from Christmas carollers (Mom’s Club, Aliso Viejo North), pictured below. Someone left $5 in the barrel (thank you!), and we’ve received many generous donations of food, including cases of soup, and macaroni & cheese. Thank you everyone for your generous donations!

Our street looks great! All of the decorations are up! Come by and see us, won’t you?  Bring a donation for the Holiday Food Drive, which benefits South County Outreach.  Happy Holidays!

carollers_12.09.12   carollers2_12.09.12


Here’s our first two barrels of food, picked up this morning by South County Outreach!  Thanks, Rick, for your volunteering your time!



First night ‘open for business’, and we’ve received one and a half barrels of food, plus a $10 donation! Thank you very much to the early contributors! We started receiving food on 11/30/2012, before the barrels arrived.  Hope you all enjoy this Holiday Season!



  1. 1
    Lisa Says:

    you guys are awsome for doing what you do……..We love coming to see all the lights every year … and donating food at the same time. Everybody is always so nice giving out cookies and cider. Can’t wait for the doggy parade this year that sounds really fun……

    • 2

      Thanks Lisa! It’s always great to see you and your family each year! Thanks for the big support you provide by bringing your niegbor children over to donate!

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